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Actress Tracy Anne Oberman

I was at a party and an an actor (who was very drunk) and he kept looking at me. He was eyeballing me. Eventually he came over and he said

"I know you, I know you. You're one of that lot, you're one of that lot. Your lot's days are over."

And I said "What do you mean my lot?" And he went "Your lot. You're trying to bring a good man down". Very aggressively, spitting in my face...

And I said "sorry, a woman, a mother, an actress. A Jew?" And he said "There, you said it, you said it! Your North London Cabal, your days are over because change is coming".

And I said as he spat at me "are you the sort of supporter that Jeremy Corbyn would like to align himself with. And he went "I know Jeremy very well and your days are numbered".

And so it was really quite intimidating and frightening to see that in real life