Two calls today from antisemites

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"white supremacist"

Stephen Pollard, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle

Two calls today from antisemites ringing me directly on my work phone. First rang to say that 'someone' would finish Hitler's work then put the phone down.

Just had another told me that because I oppose Corbyn I am a 'white supremacist'. I guess it's a step up from tweeting me.

Shows how social media is the real world, too. The second bloke said he'd seem my tweet saying I want to scream when I see Labour MPs on TV and wanted to tell me what he thought of me. Lots of people very kindly hoping I'm ok.

Have to say it's like water off a duck's back. The phone calls are new but antisemitic emails and tweets are so frequent they barely even register. I realise that's a bad thing, and says a lot about the climate