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Labour Conference Delegate Colin Appleby

At the Labour conference

At breakfast on Monday, I was joined by two people I’d not met before. They hadn’t met each other before. They were both delegates.

The ease with which they segued from talking about breakfast to agreeing that Jews were “subhuman”, “didn’t deserve to be allowed to define what constitutes antisemitism” and should “be grateful we don’t make them eat bacon for breakfast every day” stunned me...

I voted against Palestine motion because it was poorly worded.... Delegates sitting behind me called me “child killer” & hissed at me. Not a hiss like you’d hear whilst watching a pantomime but a quiet persistent hiss like the sound gas makes when it’s escaping from a pipe....

On Wednesday I sat with another delegate I’d not met before. They were firmly of the opinion that Corbyn was being held back from power by “the rich bankers and Jews that control the media. They told me of a huge conspiracy that was behind every war, funded ISIS, owned the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, created HIV, caused the downfall of communism and was responsible for the slave trade.

This conspiracy was so huge that it reached into every facet of our lives. This conspiracy had a name and it was Zionism. I told them that I was Jewish and they asked “yes but are you a Zionist?”.