Labour Party meeting antisemitism

'Jackie Walker "was right" about Jews funding the slave trade'

Anonymous Labour member

"A few months ago my CLP callled an 'emergency meeting'. The proposal was to write a letter of support for Chris Williamson (I had to research this guy). I suddenly became aware that in a room of 18 members, myself and 1 other were being shot down for expressing the opinion that he should not get our CLP's support. A member said that Jackie Walker "was right" about Jews funding the slave trade...."

"Recently I've seen 2 of our members say it was the "Israel lobby" behind the election on an online forum. One member told me I need to read Chomsky. Do I? I've also heard comments about "Jewish media" "Jewish banks" etc"


@LabourAgainstASa month ago

Government takes first historic step to ban BDS in Britain: - Amendment passed to stop council pension funds from backing boycott sanctions via @JewishChron

@LabourAgainstASa month ago

Lloyd Russell-Moyle clarifies claim that Israel’s Labor leader backed boycott of settlement goods @lloyd_rm @Keir_Starmer @ukla via @JewishNewsUK


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