Jew baiting straight after a shooting

"It's a Jew"


Can you believe I walked into McDonald’s and these two girls whispered ‘it’s a Jew’ as if it was the funniest thing in the WORLD, and then popped a balloon right near me and laughed when I jumped to the ceiling. Sorry I thought I was about to be hatecrimed!

Just to clarify: I couldn’t SEE the balloon, I could just hear a massive bang and screams. I have TRAUMA from hatecrimes and please leave me alone with you dumb jokes about Jews


@LabourAgainstASa month ago

Government takes first historic step to ban BDS in Britain: - Amendment passed to stop council pension funds from backing boycott sanctions via @JewishChron

@LabourAgainstASa month ago

Lloyd Russell-Moyle clarifies claim that Israel’s Labor leader backed boycott of settlement goods @lloyd_rm @Keir_Starmer @ukla via @JewishNewsUK


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