Antisemitic conspiracies in Labour branches

"Israel has its tentacles deep within the Labour Party."

Ben Cooper

With antisemitism being discussed and claims it doesn't really exist or isn't excused within the party, this is a recent exchange I had in an 'unofficial' CLP group when discussing Chris Williamson. A clear antisemitic trope was used and then removed by admin for my benefit...


This is also a post from a CLP member tonight regarding Rebecca Long-Bailey and the action Keir Starmer rightly took, and I quote:

"Israel has its tentacles deep within the Labour Party.

I was attacked tonight at my CLP meeting for calling this Facebook post antisemitic... If anyone would care to explain how this post isn't antisemitic I'm all ears!

So so angry right now!


Truly sickening!

The antisemitic post from tonight has now been liked by a member of our EC and engaged with by other members of our party without calling it out - shameful.


@LabourAgainstASa month ago

Government takes first historic step to ban BDS in Britain: - Amendment passed to stop council pension funds from backing boycott sanctions via @JewishChron

@LabourAgainstASa month ago

Lloyd Russell-Moyle clarifies claim that Israel’s Labor leader backed boycott of settlement goods @lloyd_rm @Keir_Starmer @ukla via @JewishNewsUK


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