Abuse on the doorstep

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"I don’t trust anything to do with the Jews"

Antisemitic campaign against Robert Largan

I was out knocking on doors earlier in Buxton & canvassed resident in his early thirties

Me: How do you plan to vote?

Him: Not for you. I don’t trust anything to do with the Jews.

Totally unprompted. There is something seriously nasty going on under the surface here.

I’m not Jewish though I grew up in north Manchester & care passionately about fighting anti-Jewish racism, which has led some High Peak Labour activists to assume I am, which might explain such comments & why a former Labour Cllr keeps changing my name to Lagermann & Larganberg.

And why he keeps sending me messages of photos of pigs and images of the crucifixion. Several times now on the doorstep I’ve had “I heard you were Jewish” from voters. A worrying pattern emerging.