Dogshit on his doorstep and hatemail addressed for me

Kinder, Gentler Politics in action

Adam - former Labour councillor

Kinder, Gentler Politics in action. I got a call from my former landlord at my old old address (that was once listed on the Barnet Council Cllr register of interests). Yesterday he found dogshit on his doorstep and hatemail addressed for me through the letterbox.

Tbh I am beyond caring now. But people need to wake up that a fucking sick culture infected the Labour Party. It is what allowed antisemitism and that culture was allowed to spread. It was no accident. These people felt welcome and at home.

...I want this shown to all those members of the Labour Party who are not antisemitic but at times have decided to go along with the antisemites for whatever reason. Whether it be loyalty to the project or peer pressure. Cos they are the ones who need to wake up to this toxic culture and tell people who they once perhaps looked to for leadership to go and leave the party and never come back. Anyone who used Labour meetings to deny and gaslight Jews. Anyone who used JVL as their preferred Jews.

Anyone who just couldn't stop repeating the tired line about everything just being because of criticism of Israel (it isn't, it wasn't and the EHRC found that to be the case). Anyone who ever used the Rothschild family as an example of Jewish control. And many many others.

Oh yes. And anyone who just replaced the word Jew for Zionist and believed it was fine. Even though in the same context with any other minority it would still be racist.


@LabourAgainstASa month ago

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@LabourAgainstASa month ago

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