Inside Labour antisemitism

October reports

Our monitoring and reporting

We typically report hundreds of incidents every month. Here are just a few... This month we’ve had the usual hardcore racist obsessives and antisemitic Rothschild conspiracists. We've had to notify the authorities yet again. Some of these posts originate from white supremacist and neo-nazi websites.

It's hard left, far right and conspiracy theory doctrine all joined together in a hideous Jew-hating soup, pumped out by Labour members. This is just a taster

Shows Jews as manipulative blood thirsty murderers, with a perjorative word for Jews coined by the KKK

Antisemitic Rothschild conspiracies

Holocaust revision and KKK terminology for Jews

Neo-nazi antisemitic conspiracies

Bloodthirsty Jews being Christ killers

Jews did 9-11 antisemitic conspiracy

Christ killers to deny Labour antisemitism

more antisemitic Rothschild conspiracies