Antisemitism archives 9/11/2023

9th November 2023

Bearing witness to antisemitism 9/11/23

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 9/11/23

"Kill Jews"

- Manchester university, UK

The mothers whose children are held hostage by Hamas: ‘I heard him crying, begging them not to take him’

Organiser of Armistice Day anti-Israel march worked for Keir Starmer until this week. Ben Soffa of the PSC set up month of London protest while on Labour payroll

Four Stumbling Stones were defaced, burnt or painted over in Rome. Volunteers cleaned them

Chief Rabbi condemns anti-Israel marches by Palestinian activists


Pro-Palestinian protesters scale Scottish Parliament Roof

Pro-Palestinian protesters scale Scottish Parliament roof - BBC News


“Kill Jews” poster at Manchester University

Opinion by LAAS co-director, Alex Hearn

The most dangerous image in the world.


 “We will honour all our martyrs” Outside Kings College London The Strand.

Students quizzed at pro-Palestine protest reveal how little they know about Israel-Hamas conflict - and aren't even aware that terror group launched bloody slaughter on October 7

ITV news fails to report the news. They neglect to mention more than 138 arrests since the marches started. And  footage of a Jewish school being daubed in paint doesn’t mention it’s a Jewish school.


Terror attack - bullets reportedly shot at two Jewish facilities - Yeshiva Gedolah and Talmud Torah Elementary School


video surfaces of University of Montreal (UdeM) Professor Yanise Arab shouting at a Jewish student in Concordia to “go back to Poland, sharmouta (wh*re)”

New York 

Anti-Israel protesters in New York City hit a Jewish man in the head with a chair. They taunt him as he starts bleeding.


Pro Palestinians targets attendees for violence at the Museum of Tolerance, for watching a film about Hamas atrocities.

CNN 'fires' freelance Gaza photojournalist Hassan Eslaiah after claims he and five others were embedded with Hamas terrorists when they invaded Israel on Oct 7 and had prior knowledge of the attack

Footage emerges of AP, Reuter and CNN freelancer in Gaza, Hassan Eslaiah, on a motorbike with a grenade, on his way to the Hamas massacre

Non-Jewish Mick Lynch reveals he is unaffected by an antisemitic slogan

"Eco-idiot" who glitter-bombed Keir Starmer at the Labour Party conference has joined forces with pro-Palestine protesters plotting to wreak chaos in London on Armistice Day

‘paramedic' in Jenin grabbing the gun from an injured Palestinian militant and giving it to another militant who proceeds to open fire towards Israeli security forces operating in the city.

New body camera footage shows Hamas terrorists dressed as IDF soldiers