Antisemitism archives 8/11/2023

8th November 2023

Bearing witness to antisemitism 8/11/23

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 8/11/23

Terrorist attack in Brazil foiled. It was planned by the Hezbollah terrorist organization, directed and financed by Iran.

Concordia university in Montréal, Jewish students set up a table to call for the release of hostages currently held by Hamas. They were attacked, with one using a racist slur, calling a Jew a “k*ke.”

Instagram has suspended the account of a Tottenham Hotspur player after he used it to show support for Israel.

Must read testimony
“Yesterday I stood in the crisp winter sunshine in Brighton as we read out the names of more 1400 innocent victims of terror.  Each name had a photo with it & where they were killed.  Those beautiful faces will haunt me forever.  Every now & then a photo took my breath”

The five faces behind London's Gaza protests REVEALED: Leicester optician, a 'senior Hamas operative' and a university professor are some of the ringleaders of groups organising pro-Palestine rally on Armistice Day

Taher El-Nounou, a Hamas media adviser, said.
“I hope that the state of war with Israel will become permanent on all the borders and that the Arab world will stand with us,”

Hamas leaders admit they hope for ‘permanent’ war, do not care about running Gaza

Jeremy Corbyn Disinvited From Socialist Conference Over Hamas Views

A man in Turkey attacked a Burger King restaurant and reportedly stabbed an employee in the stomach shouting:  “There is baby blood in your food,” allegedly due to his belief in some tenuous link to Israel.

Doctor at Northwick Park Hospital removed for posting antisemitic comments online

Sky news journalist Mark Stone who previously blamed Israel for antisemitism, now says Israel has a 'higher tolerance to civilian casualties than any western country has had in the modern age'.

“Hamas are freedom fighters.”
“It’s not Hamas that are terrorists. It’s America that are terrorists.”
“[October 7th] was a beacon of hope for me.”


Antisemitic attack in broad daylight in Sydney,  Australia leaves Jewish man hospitalised for 4 days

Met Police have made 188 arrests for hate crime after October 7th

The scene right before Jewish man Paul Kessler was killed in Ventura County, California:
"Hitler should've smashed you!"
"You will burn in hell! Israel will burn in hell!"

Israeli soldiers reportedly prayed yesterday at the ruins of a 6th century synagogue in Gaza, where a mosaic floor depicting King David

Jon Lansman, the founder of Momentum, has openly distanced himself from the way “much of the left” has responded to the Hamas massacre of October 7th in Israel.“I feel sorrow and I find it difficult to relate to how much of the left responded”

Legal advice is circulating among protestors’ Whatsapp groups on how to support Hamas without saying you support Hamas.

When asked if the White House condemns the ripping down of posters of Israeli hostages, the response is: "I've sort of kind of seen the reporting...I'm just not going to go into specifics on that particular thing."

I’m calling from Israeli intelligence. We have the order to bomb. You have two hours'