Antisemitism archives 7/11/2023

7th November 2023 - one month on

One month after the October 7th massacre

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 7/11/23

Poppy seller, 78, ‘punched by protesters’

Rochdale Cenotaph vandalised with “Free  Palestine” written on it.

“We read the names of the dead. They screamed “Free Palestine” as though murdering 1400 people would. They shouted it over and over and we kept reading the names. One came in a balaclava and pulled over the table. We kept reading the names. They will never erase our dead.”


Elderly Jewish Man Dies After Vicious Assault At Pro-Palestine Protest

The Jewish man was walking near a demo when an individual participating in the demo struck him in the face with a megaphoneJewish man killed by pro Palestinian

Brighton, UK: 

a pro-Palestinian activist kicked a Jewish man in the stomach to get at an Israeli flag.

Former Hamas chief ‘behind pro-Palestine Armistice Day protests’

Yellow stickers appear demanding people “boycott contiminated Israeli goods”, with language about purity reminiscent of Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses

Report of car repeatedly driving through the Stamford Hill area, shouting and making threats towards members of the Jewish community, causing fear among Jewish children on their way to school.

Brighton vigil reading out names of those murdered in October 7th massacre. They start at 12pm and finish at 8pm

former senior amnesty official Aisha Jung, arrested at demo for holding a placard referring to Israel using the “C word”. She was later interviewed by the organisation whose leader expressed support for “Jihadi John” the ISIS executioner

Roger Waters denies October 7th massacre and accuses Israel of being the perpetrators

Evidence from Hamas GoPros: Both terrorists then begin shooting at the wounded Israeli civilians.

The love of a mother to say 'take the child and run' is quite extraordinary, isn't it?'

Arab Israeli man named Masad smuggled 14 Jews into gas station, locked it and hid them inside, saving their lives.

Thousands pass through the evacuation corridor the IDF opened for civilians in northern Gaza to move southwards.

Gazan woman tells a reporter how Israeli troops allowed her and thousands of civilians evacuate south through the IDF’s blockade. While passing through, the IDF ensured their safety

Heidi Bachram: Brighton Palestine marches are not about peace - a balloon for a missing child unleashed fury