Antisemitism archives 6/11/2023

6th November 2023

Recording antisemitism on 6/11/2023

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 6/11/23

Organiser of pro-Palestine ‘f***k the Jews’ convoy planning new protest on Armistice Day

Jewish students face death threats as academics back intifada. Universities become hotbeds for antisemitism

The mother of two hostages sees the posters of her two children being ripped down

UNRWA textbooks and schools linked to October 7th massacre

UN plays politics with death tolls to demonise Israel, significantly undercounting civilian death toll in Ukraine where more than 25,000 were killed in Mariupol alone. This is then reported by the BBC. They also quote the unverified and notoriously unreliable figures supplied by Hamas

“Israel is on course to have killed as many Palestinian civilians in just over a month as Russia has killed in Ukraine since February 2022.”

The Turkish far right nationalist organization "The Gray Wolves" published a video threatening to kill Israeli athletes for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

“Here’s What It’s Like Raising My Jewish Children In The UK, Amidst A Rise In Antisemitism”

As a mother of Jewish children, in Britain, the past month has forced me to have conversations with them about a distressing reality that has surpassed the fears we carry for our children as parents.

Anti-Israel demo at Edinburgh Waverley station “'forced veteran to pack up his poppy stall”

The remains are recovered and buried of a wheelchair bound 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, Ruth Peretz, who was abducted from the peace music festival. 

Palestine Action illegally block access to Elbit factory in Kent 

Two young British servicemen walk though Trafalgar Square, they were on the receiving end of some abusive language by protestors, with the man on the right of the frame making a spitting motion toward them.

Speaker at Bradford Palestine rally: “Do you condemn Hamas?” Crowd in response: “No!” 

A pizza place in Headingly, Leeds, says Israel and the UK government’s support for it show ‘demonic forces are at play’. To counteract that, you can buy a pizza in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

Petition: Say NO to hate marches on Armistice Day.

Poppy is appropriated by Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) The poppy is a show of support for the British Armed Forces and was repurposed to hint at support for the Gazan armed forces, Hamas.

Moving message from North London at one of the many places where posters of kidnapped children have been ripped off. As it says: ripping posters ‘will not free Palestine’ and ‘the memory of those taken cannot be removed’.

Hamas use mosque for launch site and to store weapons and explosives

Emily Maitlis posts a film informing people about what Hamas do to Palestinians

Halifax Bank declares Tel Aviv “occupied Palestinian territory”