Antisemitism archives 5/11/2023

5th November 2023

Recording antisemitism on 5/11/2023

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 5/11/23

Man arrested for ripping down balloons to remember kidnapped Jewish babies

Following their harassment of McDonald’s customers, protesters attack KFC

Arab Israelis rescued dozens of Jewish Israelis on October 7th

Protestors boo when there is a call to “free the hostages”

After watching news coverage of the Israel-Hamas war on tv, Indianapolis woman planned an attack on the building by driving her car into it. The building had a Star of David on it, and she selected it not realising it was the Black Hebrew Israelites

For generations, the daycare center "Anne Frank" has been looking after the children in the Harz small town of Tangerhütte. Now the name of the murdered Jewish girl is to be deleted to focus on the "diversity" of the children, says Andreas Brohm, the mayor of the city. And the name "Anne Frank" no longer fits the new diversity.

For the first time in history an enemy missile was intercepted in space. Israel's Arrow (Hetz) missile defense system shot down a ballistic missile beyond the Earth's atmosphere that was launched by the pro-Iranian Houthis from Yemen towards Eilat. Houthis are the Yemeni jihadist group whose slogan calls for “death to israel” and “a curse on the Jews”,to%20take%20place%20in%20space.

Partner at law firm Mishcon de Reya who represented Deborah Lipstadt, Anthony Julius: “This is Britain’s antisemitic moment — and our institutions are failing to respond”

If those marching over events in the Middle Easy truly cared about peace, they’d be demanding the release of hostages, the complete surrender of Hamas, and the handing over of the October 7 attackers so they can face justice