Antisemitism archives 4/11/2023

4th November 2023

Recording antisemitism on 4/11/2023

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 4/11/23

The PFLP were part of the October 7th massacre in Israel, and also hacked worshippers to death in a synagogue. Their flag was waved in protests central London

Iranian dissident holding a sign stating that "Hamas are terrorists" is attacked by Pro Palestinian supporters

Jewish man reports being attacked by protestors in Trafalgar Square and having his yamulka (skullcap) snatched.

Magen David Alom talk about how no one mentions the deliberate and systemic targeting of Israeli medics and ambulances by Hamas on Oct7

“Our paramedics’ bodies were found with their medical gloves still on, murdered by Hamas in the midst of treating the wounded.”

Met Police adviser on their response to protests over the Israel-Hamas conflict, is hard left activist who  led ‘from the river to the sea’ chant. Chair of official advisory body for Scotland Yard, instigated ‘offensive’ slogan.

France: Jewish woman stabbed in her home in France with Swastika plastered to door

Four days after the Hamas massacre, Asher Moskowitz recalled seeing the baby among the corpses at Camp Shura.

“They took the baby and put it, literally, in a kitchen oven.”

A fascinating account of how Gazans suffer under Hamas, untold by the press because they aren’t able or willing to report it.

Giles Coren on Jewish families fleeing the UK “We talk about getting out — just not there”

Writer Lee Kern visits Israel to bear witness to  the carnival of evil from Hamas

Palestinian activist Ahmed Tamimi posts on social media "We are waiting for you in all the West Bank cities from Hebron to Jenin - we will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke,"

Rally features antisemitic chants on the streets and tube of London

Horrific footage emerges showing Israeli units ensuring the peace music festival was clear

Protestors harasss people and families leaving McDonald’s

Hamas reportedly bomb the humanitarian corridor for Gazans. IDF  Arabic spokesperson declared a humanitarian corridor on the Salah Al-Din road in Gaza from 13:00-16:00 for evacuating northern residents. During this time, Hamas militants attacked the road with mortars and anti-tank missiles.

Ari Folman, the Oscar-nominated director of Waltz With Bashir and Where Is Anne Frank, has said he believes the UK’s response to the Israel-Hamas war is grounded in “hypocrisy” and ignorance.In the west, he says, there is a “total unawareness that Hamas is a fundamentalistic [organisation].”