Antisemitism archives 3/11/2023

3rd November 2023

Recording antisemitism on 3/11/2023

Leeds University Arab society refuses to play football match against Leeds University Jewish society, reminiscent of 1930s Jewish boycott. The union and university offer no support as of yet.

A senior journalist at the ipaper  becomes a witness: “If the Holocaust had cameras, this is what you would have seen.”

The Guardian writer who hosted Channel 4’s ‘How Not To Be A Racist’ posted racist content about Jews.

“Displaced, isolated, delegitimised, collectively put on trial”. The celebratory Jewish experience is now defined by damning comments about life in British universities.

Hamas terrorists played with severed heads and were asked to document it.

German vice chancellor gives clear denunciation of antisemitism and talks about the necessity to stand with Israel

Gazan woman screams, “all this is because the sons of bitches of Hamas.” Then they clamp a hand over her mouth and repress her

Hamas appear to have shot fleeing Palestinian civilians in south of Gaza. BBC accuses Israel, despite Israel not being there and there being being no bomb damage.

Daughter of Iranian dissident held hostage by the Iranian regime reminds people that hostages are not in fact “well looked after”

Ex-footballer and crisp salesman tells world famous Jewish historian that he is wrong about antisemitism

BBC News feature man infamous for being in Hamas videos

Hamas terrorist recounts murdering crying children and admits Hamas are worse than ISIS

Open Source research provides clues about Hamas misleading claims about an ambulance