Antisemitism archives 11/11/2023

11th November 2023

Bearing witness to antisemitism 11/11/23

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 11/11/23 — Armistice Day

As there are too many reports to keep up with, we will mostly post pictures of antisemitic placards and videos

UK special report

I’ve felt scared: Jewish students face hatred on campus


Pro-Palestine demonstrators in Columbus Circle confront an Israel supporter who starts sobbing. “Cry, bitch! Cry!” a Palestine supporter yells at her.


Antisemitic vandalism that defaced the memorial in Copenhagen honouring the heroic efforts to save Danish Jews from the Nazis.


Reports of Jews needing a police escort at another synagogue in London

Pro-Palestine demonstators in Columbus Circle confront an Israel supporter who starts sobbing. “Cry, bitch! Cry!” a Palestine supporter yells at her.

Michael Gove harassed by pro-Palestine protesters 

Swastika inside Star of David on poster held by pro-Palestine marcher 

Racism on banner held by pro-Palestine marcher 

Another swastika inside Star of David on Palestine march 

Disgusting antisemitic placard on Palestine march 

“Stop the Zionist New World Order” antisemitic slogan on pro-Palestinian marcher’s jumper 

Petition passed around at Palestine march for the removal of Hamas' political wing from the UK's proscribed list of terrorist bodies 

Palestine marcher leads activists in chanting of "With blood with steadfastness we'll free Aqsa" in front of an ad for Call of Duty 

Hamas style headbands worn on streets of London at protest march 

Blood libel reference on march 

Antisemitic hate crime on march: Cries of "Khayber Khayber ya yahud jaish al Mohammed sauf yaud" 

Antisemitic and illiterate placard from protest march 

At the front of the demonstration stands Adnan Hmidan the man who posted of his "love" for Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin - stood next to former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell 

Other Labour MPs (including Corbyn) were present at the march 

Antisemitic placards 

Placards calling for destruction of Israel 

Fireworks thrown at crowd & police; causes apparent injury 

Aggression at protest 

Met Police officers posing with a masked child holding a Palestinian flag at march


CPS hate crime panel dissolved amid lack of ‘public confidence’
"Move comes amid mounting concern about views espoused by some advisers"