Antisemitism archives 10/11/2023

10th November 2023

Bearing witness to antisemitism 10/11/23

Bearing witness to antisemitism: 10/11/23

“Holocaust 2.0”

Graffiti on campus.


A student talks about the targeting of Jewish students at Concordia university yesterday, bragging that "We terrified them!" to cheers from the crowd

Britain: opinion

Jews are not safe on British campuses


“Yids” graffiti in Manchester.  Journalist recounted how Leicester student who told him that "Jewish nose" jokes are now "pretty standard and accepted"

Amnesty in Italy

Amnesty International activists seen throwing posters about Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas into the garbage bin, in Naples, Italy.


Reports of a violent anti-Israel mob gathering outside a synagogue in south Caulfield chanting anti semitic slogans as congregants leave the shul. Punches thrown.

Australia: Tonight pro-Hamas supporters travelled an hour from Melbourne’s north to the Jewish community in Caulfield only to break through a police line and violently attack local Jews.


USA - Maryland university, with the 4th largest Jewish student population in the country; Students chant “there is only one solution - intifada revolution.”
“Holocaust 2.0” written on campus.

“My family fought Hitler, not like you Zionist cowards” Man yells at an elderly couple holding up posters of Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas.


BBC admits to British Jews it made mistakes in Israel-Gaza coverage

Jeremy Bowen report for BBC implies that Israeli soldiers are excited to kill Gazans


Hostage rally cancelled out of respect for Remembrance Sunday

Jewish feminists attended a Reclaim the Night march in Brighton to raise awareness of Hamas raping women. Men from the local Palestine Solidarity Campaign berated them “but.. what about Israeli bombs”. And said Jewish women were “duped by imperialists.


Infamous Palestinian crisis actor pops up on MSNBC