LAAS Statement on Twitter walkout

Upcoming 48-hour Twitter walkout

READ: LAAS Statement pledging total support for Twitter walkout in protest at platform's failings on antisemitism

Labour Against Antisemitism fully supports the 48-hour Twitter walkout, in protest at Twitter’s repeated failure to tackle antisemitism on the platform.

Not only have our activists regularly reported antisemitic content and accounts, only to see minimal action taken by Twitter, but they have been subject to personal abuse. This has affected both our Jewish and non-Jewish activists, and has on occasion been so severe that the police have been called. Almost every time, Twitter has ignored our complaints.

The message needs to be clear, that Twitter must review its internal processes immediately, start blocking antisemitic accounts and radically improve its protection for its users from racism. There also is arguably also an urgent need for legislation, and we urge the adoption and implementation of the Online Harm Reduction Bill.