“anti-Zionist action network” target LAAS

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Corbyn supporters threaten to ‘take care of’ Jewish activists

Corbyn supporters threaten to ‘take care of’ Jewish activists

Group of hard-left Labour members is being investigated by police after it set up a network to discover the addresses of Jewish Labour activists

A group of Labour members, a number of whom have been suspended or expelled from the party, is being investigated by police after it set up an “anti-Zionist action network” to discover the addresses of Jewish Labour activists and “take care of those individuals”, the JC can reveal.

The Labour in Exile Network (LIEN) vowed to unearth the “identity, location, activities and associations” of Jewish activists from the campaign group Labour Against Antisemitism (LAAS).

The announcement came during the online launch event for LIEN, which was attended by 200 people and featured speeches by Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth, both of whom have been expelled from the Labour Party.

The group said it would target the Jewish members in order to take “action against the individuals”, referring to them as “Zionist trolls”. Details of the “anti-Zionist action network” were posted on its website.

Jewish leaders have reported the organisation to both Kent and the Metropolitan Police.

"LAAS is proud to have fought against hate and extremism on the left. Thanks to our hard work, people in the Labour Party know that publicly posting antisemitic material has consequences. Threats to our members are a sign of our success. But this was unlike the ‘normal’ threats we have encountered. It was part of a conference, reportedly attended by 200 people, and a working group was specifically created to target and silence members of LAAS because we report antisemitism. Their intentions were proudly reported on their website. These type of activities and the language used are indistinguishable from the far right. This has been reported to the police, but rest assured we will not be silenced or intimidated. We will keep fighting for the right of Jewish people to have a safe space in the Labour Party. Unfortunately, what this episode also demonstrates is the long-term harm created by the Labour Party’s antisemitism crisis.”


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