CST's antisemitism report

Statement on "The Month of Hate"

LAAS on outpouring of racism

Fiona Sharpe, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:

"The findings of this report show an outpouring of racism unprecedented in the CST's history of monitoring antisemitism.

So-called antiracist associations have, for too long, misunderstood - or ignored - the role of antisemitism in framing narratives of the Israel-Palestine conflict. This has led to an unchecked (and sometimes tolerated) explosion of antisemitic language, imagery, and incitement to violence, leading to the abuse of members of the Jewish community.

We call on Keir Starmer to acknowledge the role Labour has had in normalising this anti-Jewish racism. It has failed to act over its own MPs' reported participation at 'pro-Palestine' rallies steeped in antisemitism, or to condemn their apparent engagement with groups and individuals deliberately stoking inter-community tensions by inciting against the Jewish community. This shows a shocking lack of leadership.

When Jewish schoolchildren are suffering abuse there can be no excuse for cowardice or silence. Labour has had plenty of chances to undo the damage done under Corbyn, and it has lost the credibility it once had as being sincerely antiracist. The time has come for Starmer to be absolutely clear: Labour is either an antiracist party or it is not."