Corbyn's 'apology'

The JPost

grudging apology an inadequate response

Fiona Sharpe, spokeswoman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said that “Jeremy Corbyn’s grudging apology, when it finally arrived today, was an inadequate response to widespread concerns that the Labour Party he is leading is institutionally antisemitic.”

Sharpe said the group questions “how he can claim to be ‘dealing with’ evidence of anti-Jewish racism in his organization, while so many of the Labour Party’s candidates have been alleged to have made or promoted antisemitic views and comments. If he cares about discrimination against the British Jewish community, then why were Jews entirely left out of a Labour video about tackling racism?”

Corbyn has had four years to deal with this crisis, Sharpe said, “and the reality is he has failed to do so. Any apology he offers will be rejected until he implements a zero-tolerance policy on tackling antisemitism, and there is currently zero evidence of him doing that.”