They cannot guarantee the safety of minority groups

Statement: The failure of Bristol University

Group of hard left extremists about to descend on Bristol

Fiona Sharpe, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism said:

“The failure of Bristol University to effectively address David Miller’s antisemitic comments continues to place their Jewish students at risk. The group of hard left extremists about to descend on Bristol, in an apparent show of support for Professor Miller, should not be allowed to step foot on campus. Some of those involved have recently threatened antisemitism activists online, and are reportedly currently under police investigation.

Instead of prioritising student welfare, Bristol University have shown they cannot guarantee the safety of minority groups. They complacently allowed a member of their teaching staff to promote racist conspiracies in their lecture halls, which in turn put Jewish students at risk, and now we await what could be a dangerous confrontation between students and violent political agitators.

It is beyond time that the threat of left wing antisemitism was properly recognised. As with the Labour Party, the Bristol University authorities have been slow to act - except now it is Jewish students, and not the wider community, who bear the brunt of others incompetence.”