“reminiscent of the worst days of the Corbyn leadership”

Statement on Haringey councillors readmission

LAAS on lifted suspensions of officials

Haringey Councillors Readmission “reminiscent of the worst days of the Corbyn leadership”

“The lifting of the suspensions of two Labour councillors, Noah Tucker and Peston Tabois (and the subsequent re-suspension of Tucker two days later) following serious allegations of antisemitism, and after just six months, is a matter of genuine concern reminiscent of the worst days of the Corbyn leadership.

The seriousness of the evidence against the two councillors, both serving on Haringey Council, should have resulted in their immediate expulsions when they came to light in August and September last year. Instead it appears they were given the equivalent of a disciplinary slap on the wrist and six months later were readmitted to full party membership. Two days later it was reported that Councillor Tucker had been suspended for a second time, although Councillor Tabois has so far not been re-suspended and even remains a Labour candidate for the London Assembly.

This incident is not a hangover from the previous Labour leadership regime, and current leader Keir Starmer has questions to answer, such as why were the councillors given such lenient punishments, who within the party decided that Councillor Tucker would be re-suspended and not Councillor Tabois, and why, nearly a year into his leadership and post-EHRC report, are incidents like this still occurring?

While antisemitism in the Labour Party was never going to be resolved overnight, progress is not being made as quickly as it could and too many opportunities are being missed to confront the problem head-on. Keir Starmer must be bolder and more decisive if he wants to win back the trust of the Jewish community and the wider electorate – and ensure that zero tolerance of antisemitism means exactly that.”

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