A wake-up call for our universities

Statement on campus antisemitism report

Campus Antisemitism in Britain 2018-20: Statement

The CST report ‘Campus Antisemitism in Britain 2018-20’ is a wake-up call for our universities. They must take significant actions to curb the levels of escalating anti-Jewish racism found within their halls and lecture theatres.

Much of the type of antisemitism that Labour Against Antisemitism has spent the last four years campaigning against has its origins in the toxic rhetoric of too many of our lecturers and professors. They are not anomalies but instead represent an overlap that cannot be ignored.

Out of 123 incidents, shockingly 15 were perpetrated by staff. Not only are they in a position to influence students, but they also directly affect the safety and well-being of Jewish students.

Like the Labour Party, the higher education sector needs to adopt the IHRA definition in full and implement effective safeguarding processes to protect Jewish students and teachers from discrimination