LAAS spokeperson pressures Nick Symonds-Thomas

Shadow Home Secretary Clarifies

Shadow Home Secretary Clarifies Comments on Hezbollah and IHRA Definition

The Shadow Home Secretary, Nick Symonds-Thomas, has clarified his position on Hezbollah and the IHRA definition of antisemitism following pressure from our spokesperson Euan Philipps.

Mr Philipps questioned two statements apparently made by Mr Symonds-Thomas under the leadership of then-party leader Jeremy Corbyn

In January 2018 it was reported that Mr Symonds-Thomas opposed the proscription of the Lebanese terrorist organisation Hezbollah, a group who have repeatedly targeted Jewish civilians both in Israel and around the world.

Then in July 2018 Mr Symonds-Thomas apparently argued in favour of the Labour Party adopting its own code of conduct on antisemitism, rather than the IHRA working definition preferred by the majority of the British Jewish community.

Mr Symonds-Thomas, who was appointed to his role by new Labour leader Keir Starmer, was asked by Euan Philipps to clarify whether these were still positions he held.

He said in response:

“It is right that the antisemitic terrorist organisation Hizbollah is fully proscribed. Agree Labour should have adopted IHRA in full far sooner. As MP, I’ve already signed up… I echo Keir’s apology to the Jewish Community on behalf of Labour. He is leading the way and I will play my part in building bridges with the Jewish community”.

We thank Mr Symonds-Thomas for making his position clear.