Reports provided by LAAS

Serious Examples of Alleged Anti-Jewish Racism

Reports of anti-Jewish racism given to Keir Starmer

“Serious Examples of Alleged Anti-Jewish Racism” Have Been Provided to Keir Starmer

Fiona Sharpe, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:

“The reports provided by Labour Against Antisemitism to the Board of Deputies, which have now been submitted to Keir Starmer’s office, include some of the most serious examples of alleged anti-Jewish racism uncovered in the Labour Party. Many of the cases are also extremely longstanding, highlighting the apparent culture of inaction that defined the disciplinary process under the previous party leadership.

We trust that Sir Keir will use his recently acquired mandate to push these reports through the Labour disciplinary process as quickly as possible. While we recognise that reform of the Labour Party will take time, our membership and many others in the Jewish community are impatient to see signs of tangible action from the Labour leader.

In the meantime we will continue to support the Board of Deputies and their ten pledges, and look forward to the publication of the findings of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission investigation into institutional racism in the Labour Party.”