Statement on rise of antisemitism

Recent antisemitic events

Recent Antisemitic Events in London

Statement from Emma Picken, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism.

LAAS Statement on the Recent Antisemitic Events in London

“Over this last week numerous Labour MPs have lined up to present a biased one-sided narrative over the events occurring in Israel/Palestine. Some tweets have been inflammatory and several have even linked the conflict to their annual Eid message.

It is apparent that the Labour Party has no understanding of the causes of modern-day antisemitism, especially that which rises exponentially here in the UK whenever the Israel/Palestine conflict escalates. With no explanation of the context and dynamics of the complex situation, or even balance coming from anyone in the Labour Party, it can come as no surprise that antisemites and supporters of Labour have been emboldened to openly demonstrate their extreme anti-Jewish racism.

The disgusting scenes in London yesterday included a Labour MP speaking at a rally where anti-Jewish chanting was heard, and grotesque antisemitic effigies being raised in full view of the ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Many Jewish people in the UK witnessing these scenes are going through extreme anxiety amid real fear of antisemitic attack. Earlier today extremists drove around predominantly Jewish areas of London with megaphones, shouting ‘Jews, rape their daughters’.

The failure to consider the safety of the Jewish community during this latest escalation extends far beyond the Labour Party to include media commentators, celebrities and even football players. But, as elected leaders and officials, politicians have a special duty of care to ensure community cohesion and the security of all minorities.

At the very moment that it could have demonstrated support for the Jewish community and introspection towards the institutional problem of antisemitism in its ranks, the Labour Party, from its leadership down, has failed.”