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Metropolitan Police have passed five cases of Labour antisemitism to the CPS

Our reaction to confirmation that the Metropolitan Police have passed five cases of Labour antisemitism to the CPS for a decision on whether to prosecute

The Metropolitan Police’s referral of these cases to the CPS underlines the degree of criminality that anti-Jewish racism in the Labour Party has reached. It is our understanding that four of these individuals were reported to the Labour Party by Labour Against Antisemitism volunteers, and were then subsequently leaked to LBC. If the individuals are who we think we are, then the fact that they have been judged by the Met to have met the benchmark for prosecution suggests they represent the tip of the iceberg.

There appears to have been unexplained delay since these cases were submitted by the Met to the CPS, and we urge the CPS to expedite the prosecutions of each of the individuals involved. Each individual must face the full force of the law so they can serve as an example of the consequences of these actions to the many other Labour Party members who have committed and are committing similar hate crimes.

Over the last three years we have reported hundreds of similar cases of anti-Jewish racism in the Labour Party which we believe also constitute hate crimes, and they too must now lead to prosecutions. Unfortunately despite attempting to present our evidence to the police we have often been met with a confused response. We hope our volunteers can work with them more productively in the future.


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