Left wing antisemitism now most common

Latest CST antisemitism figures

LAAS insight into the latest CST report on antisemitism

“The CST report, “Antisemitic Incidents Report 2019” (published today) is a welcome analysis that shows the extent to which left wing antisemitism is now driving the majority of reported anti-Jewish racist incidents in the UK. The figures are especially damning for the Labour Party, as 45% of incidents – nearly one in two - where the motive was recorded by the CST were Labour Party-related. Moreover anti-Zionist incidents, characteristic of broader left wing antisemitism, make up a further 25% of motive recorded incidents.

It is worth noting that these figures represent only incidents reported to the CST and are “indicative” rather than absolute, due to the way the CST sometimes collates ongoing antisemitic campaigns as single incidents. Furthermore, the CST does not proactively investigate antisemitism on social media unlike our own team of researchers, who catalogue antisemitism within sometimes private social media spaces that the promoters believe are safe.

It is our belief that the true scale of left wing antisemitism in the UK is even wider and more deeply embedded than the report suggests. We highly anticipate the publication of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission report into institutional racism in the Labour Party and expect that further evidence will be revealed then.”


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@LabourAgainstASa month ago

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