No expulsion for up to 3/4 of cases

Labour's disciplinary stats

"extremely disappointing" disciplinary statistics

Labour Antisemitism Statistics - Up To Three Quarters of Cases Are Still Not Leading to Expulsion

We take a look at the latest set of disciplinary statistics from the Labour Party, covering the period March 2020 – March 2021.


  • Between March 2020 and March 2021 a total of 356 cases were heard by the Labour Party’s administrative body, of which 70% were related to antisemitism. This means approximately 249 antisemitism cases, over 12 months, 21 each month.
  • Of these 356 cases, 26.4% of cases resulted in expulsions.
  • We can therefore estimate that just 66 Labour Party members were expelled for antisemitism between March 2020-21, out of 249 serious cases.
  • (That assumes that the expulsions were distributed equally across all the factors. However, if we take a best-case scenario that all expulsions were for antisemitism, that still only gives an expulsion rate of 37.8% of all antisemitism cases, and 94 in terms of actual members.)

Euan Philipps, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:

“These most recent Labour Party disciplinary statistics are extremely disappointing and show that despite being leader for a year, Sir Keir Starmer has failed to make any significant inroads on tackling antisemitism.

At worst three-quarters (and at best two thirds) of serious cases of antisemitism that reach the NEC do not result in member expulsion, with many cases leading to little more than and administrative slap on the wrist. That is simply inadequate for an organisation supposedly committed to a zero tolerance on anti-Jewish racism.

It’s also notable that on average, only 21 cases of antisemitism appear to be being addressed each month. That seems very low and suggests that the threshold for disciplinary action on antisemitism is very high. Again, unless the Labour Party reassesses this it will fail to expel those members it needs to to significantly address the most toxic elements of its membership.”