Labour Together Report Into 2019 Election

Labour Together Report

LAAS Statement on 'Labour Together' Report

Euan Philipps, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:

“The Labour Together report published today, which reviews the Labour Party’s 2019 general election defeat, correctly identifies antisemitism as a feature of Labour’s defeat. Unfortunately, in our opinion the report fails to understand or address its antisemitism crisis in anywhere near sufficient detail.

The recommendations for how the party (and the broader Labour movement) can tackle the institutional anti-Jewish racism that turned so many voters off in 2019 do not come close to being adequate. Firstly, in our view there needs to be a thorough recognition of the history and roots of the culture of left-wing antisemitism and antizionism that pervades the Labour Party and pre-dates Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Secondly, we feel there should be a recognition that the formal party structures were found desperately wanting when action on tackling antisemitism was required – which led to organisations like LAAS having to resort to EHRC intervention as the only means of forcing change.

We believe this report was a missed opportunity by the party to show genuine contrition and take steps towards self-awareness, which would help it move forwards and effectively address its multiple challenges.”