Statement on Labour's EHRC plan

Labour Party’s response to the EHRC report

EHRC Plan: statement

The Labour Party’s response to the EHRC report into antisemitism, published this morning, provides a good framework for tackling institutional anti-Jewish racism within the organisation.

We welcome the commitment to establish an independent complaints process, as integral to rebuilding trust in the party’s disciplinary competence. However this must be accompanied by a future announcement that there will be a full review utilising the new process of all historic reports of antisemitism in the party from 2015 onwards.

The appointment of a high-level Advisory Board and Reference Group to work closely with the party is also to be commended, and we hope that the composition of these bodies will represent the full range of stakeholders within the community, both internal and external to the Labour movement.

Ultimately, the value of this plan will be measured by its effectiveness in driving all those who voice, promote and amplify antisemitic views out of the Labour Party. That objective is still, unfortunately, a long way from being met.