Israel blamed for Labour antisemitism

Labour International

Labour-affiliated group Secretary claims Israel interfered in UK politics

Our comment on Labour International trying to blame Israel for stoking Labour's antisemitism crisis

It would appear that Labour International CLP, one of the Labour Party’s largest membership organisations, needs to be placed in special measures as a matter of urgency. In our opinion a number of their executive officers should also face immediate expulsion.

The general election report produced by the CLP secretary Charles James appears to suggest that the Labour Party’s defeat was a political conspiracy against Jeremy Corbyn - a totally unfounded allegation of Jewish conspiracy that should have no place in a mainstream political party.

Meanwhile the co-Chair Colin O’Driscoll, a senior figure in the Corbyn-supporting group Momentum, apparently administered a secret Facebook group which reportedly assisted Holocaust-denying Labour members escape party disciplinary action. He also has an alleged track record of harassing antiracism campaigners, and supported a crowdfunder set up to sue our campaign group. Despite being reported to the Labour Party for alleged antisemitism many times, he remains a high profile party member with seemingly significant links to the pro-Corbyn establishment.

If the Labour Party is serious about tackling anti-Jewish racism within its organisation, then it needs to come down hard on this group and its members.