'crass' diversity training revealed by LAAS

LAAS uncover 'inner Hitler' workshop

LAAS exposé in the Jewish Chronicle

LAAS uncover "curb your inner Hitler" diversity training course


A spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism (LAAS), who uncovered the training course, told the JC it was a “crass use of the Holocaust” that should be a red flag to anyone engaging with Shoah education.

“To hold Adolf Hitler — a megalomaniacal genocidal antisemite — up as simply a bad leadership model is offensive, lacking in awareness and an insult to the memories of six million Jewish people who were slaughtered according to his plans,” they said.

Those running HCN, “should examine the appropriateness of using the Holocaust as a way to drum up business for workplace inclusivity training,” they added.

The "curb your inner Hitler" course - which can be delivered in person or online - has been piloted for a year to major businesses and northern councils, HCN say.

LAAS said: “This is opportunistic appropriation at its worst. It is shocking that people who purport to engage in Holocaust education should exploit it in such a clumsy fashion. 

“The Holocaust Centre North has a responsibility to accurately convey the nature of the Holocaust instead of legitimising its trivialisation.”