'Zionazi' tweets by Maqsood Ghulam Ahmad

LAAS uncover diversity guru tweets

Government diversity guru has been forced to stand down

Leading government diversity guru, Maqsood Ghulam Ahmad, has been forced to stand down from his latest role as a director of an NHS trust, after LAAS uncovered a history of problematic social media posts.

Alex Hearn, a director of Labour Against Antisemitism, which unearthed the messages, said:

“Mr Ahmad has been seemingly hiding in plain sight. Worryingly it seems none of Mr Ahmad’s colleagues noticed his social media feed. It is also concerning that Mr Ahmad has the legitimacy of an OBE and has held senior posts within the medical and anti-racism establishment.”

The full story is here https://www.thejc.com/news/news/government-diversity-guru-steps-down-after-%27zionazi%27-tweets-revealed-5IFlRQIMDp9mrPs3MqmzSn