LAAS on Ware's damning evidence

Statement regarding new evidence

On the evidence that shatters claims of Corbynites’ leaked dossier

The report by John Ware published today by the Jewish Chronicle again describes a shocking level of apparent interference by the Labour Party leadership office (including Jeremy Corbyn himself) in high profile antisemitism cases since 2015.

This alleged interference is in contradiction to previous claims made by the Labour Party leadership. They appear to have treated the disciplinary process with contempt, in order to exonerate reported party members they favoured.

LAAS submitted 15,000 pages of evidence to the forthcoming EHRC report, along with cases of inadequate responses by the party, and we await their judgement. In the meantime Keir Starmer needs to begin implementation of the independent disciplinary process he promised last April, and make a binding commitment to revisit every report of antisemitism sent in to the Labour Party since 2015. There needs to be a fundamental structural change within Labour before it can once again be considered a safe space for the Jewish community.