CST's Antisemitic Incidents Report 2021

LAAS statement on CST stats

Statement: "a clear call to us all"

Fiona Sharpe, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:


"Once again we see a shocking rise in antisemitic hate incidents outlined in the CST figures for 2021.

These figures only go to highlight the vital importance of groups working to combat the anti-Jewish racism that appears to be ever more acceptable in British society.

Labour Against Antisemitism is pleased to note the drop in incidents directly linked to the Labour Party.

However we are concerned by the levels of the antisemitism precipitated by the Israel Palestine conflict. The statistics show, not for the first time, that there was an upsurge in antisemitic incidents during the summer after the anti-Israel demonstrations. There are those who seek to exploit an international conflict to attack the British Jewish community and express their blatant antisemitism. We were dismayed to see labour MPs at some of those demonstrations engaging in inflammatory language, ignoring hateful incitement and taking no responsibility for the impact that it had on local Jewish communities.

As yet not a single Labour MP has faced any sanctions for their flagrant breach of the 10 pledges Sir Keir Starmer signed in order to reduce antisemitism within the party.

Tackling antisemitism and reducing it in society requires a commitment to action, not just words. This latest CST Report should be a clear call to us all that the fight against antisemitism is more important now than ever if we are to rid society of this oldest hate."