Refusal by Labour to Investigate

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LAAS Statement

LAAS Statement on the Refusal by Labour to Investigate Carmarthen East Candidate Maria Carroll

Fiona Sharpe, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:

“The refusal of the Labour Party to investigate Carmarthen East candidate Maria Carroll, without even seeing the evidence accumulated by Labour Against Antisemitism and GnasherJew, is a disgraceful decision that again highlights the institutional anti-Jewish racism within the organisation.

Ms Carroll, who was first reported by LAAS to Labour in 2017, was a core member of a secret Facebook group that dealt with some of the most horrendous antisemitic content our researchers have ever witnessed. She should have been auto-excluded, instead she will continue as a Labour parliamentary candidate for a party that is incapable of dealing with its seemingly perpetual antisemitism crisis.

We call on senior figures within Welsh Labour, including First Minister Mark Drakeford, to demand that a full investigation be carried out immediately and urge Ms Carroll to step down ahead of the General Election on December 12th.”