New video footage of Corbyn

LAAS statement

New Video Footage of Jeremy Corbyn is “Damning”

Fiona Sharpe, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:

“The video of Jeremy Corbyn standing at the stage while the speaker (allegedly Ismail Patel, Director of Friends of Al-Aqsa, supporters of Hamas) is damning. At one point, the speaker is even heard to call ‘from the river to the sea’, a familiar invocation for the destruction of Israel – yet Mr Corbyn does nothing. The footage appears to confirm every concern we have regarding Mr Corbyn’s alleged antisemitism and his reported relationships with anti-Jewish terrorist extremists.

Mr Corbyn has repeatedly claimed to be an antiracist, but again and again he is shown to be apparently comfortable with the most disgusting anti-Jewish rhetoric. In the video, instead of confronting the speaker on his way off stage, Mr Corbyn appeared to offer warmth and support – an appalling response considering what had just been delivered. Nor can Mr Corbyn pretend that the content is ‘antizionism’ not antisemitism, given the speaker’s repeated use of ‘Jews’ instead of ‘Zionists’.

It is becoming increasingly evident that Mr Corbyn views should have no place anywhere in mainstream politics, and it should be to the Labour Party’s acute embarrassment that he is their leader. We hope the British public show better judgement and dispatch Mr Corbyn on December 12th.”