Labour’s ‘repeat offenders’: LAAS quoted

LAAS quote

LAAS quote in the Jewish Chronicle

Labour’s ‘repeat offenders’: Three ‘rehabilitated’ councillors face fresh antisemitism claims

Euan Philipps, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism (LAAS), told the JC: “We are extremely concerned at what appears a systemic failure of vetting of election candidates. Given the EHRC action plan, it is astonishing a workable vetting process has not been implemented over two years after Corbyn’s departure as leader and 18 months since the EHRC report.”

Pointing out Sir Keir said last week he had “ripped out antisemitism at its roots,” he added: “The unfortunate reality is that antisemitism continues to fester in the Labour Party because attempts to deal with it have been complacent, overly timid and lacking in scale.”'s-'repeat-offenders'-three-'rehabilitated'-councillors-face-fresh-antisemitism-claims-5Ak2TUSneAX4ogozwxqIgv