Jeremy Corbyn embracing 'blood libel' preacher

LAAS in the Mail online

Sheikh Raed Salah, who Jeremy Corbyn called “an honoured citizen”, was later jailed for raising funds for Hamas.

Euan Philipps, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said: 'In August 2015, Mr Corbyn claimed that he had been ''unaware'' of a British court's findings in 2012 that found Raed Salah guilty of blood libel.

'However, footage revealed today shows Jeremy Corbyn embracing Raed Salah in April 2012 – at the end of a meeting in which Mr Corbyn had been discussing the British court judgement which he later claimed to have known nothing about.

'This evidence seems to prove not only that Jeremy Corbyn had close personal links with figures responsible for virulent anti-Jewish racism, but also his apparently willingness to avoid being truthful about these links.'