LAAS statement on IRGC

LAAS call for IRGC ban

IRGC spreading hate on campus

LAAS statement on IRGC chiefs telling UK students to join ‘apocalyptic war’ on Jews:

"The Iran Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) are a powerful international terrorist organisation involved in crushing dissent in their own country. Allowing their senior members to brazenly incite hate in British universities with Holocaust denial and calls for violence poses an unacceptable threat to all UK citizens. The Union of Jewish Students are right to be concerned about the safety of Jewish students. It is worrying that others on the campuses who hosted these extremist leaders were not aware of the danger they pose. Labour Against Antisemitism call for the government to ban the IRGC and their state sponsored terrorism.

In light of previous well-documented issues within academia such as the CST report showing a 22% increase in campus antisemitism and a damning investigation into antisemitism in the National Union of Students, it is time that British universities took responsibility for what is going on on their campuses. They must take their safeguarding obligations seriously. Investigations and heartfelt statements fall very short when student bodies are allowed to bring such extremism on to British campuses, which in turn puts us all at risk."

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Statement from the Union of Jewish Students here