LAAS on Starmer's commitment to “root out” antisemitism

Keir Starmer’s Keynote Speech

LAAS Statement on Keynote Speech

Fiona Sharpe, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:

““Keir Starmer’s reaffirmation of his commitment to “root out” antisemitism in his speech this morning, was a welcome and timely reassurance that this issue remains a priority for his leadership.

The sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey in May demonstrated that the Corbyn-era was over but unfortunately there has been little evidence of progress since. Last week John McDonnell and Laura Pidcock escaped formal censure despite seemingly bringing the party into disrepute by sharing digital platforms with expelled former party members, while two Haringey councillors were reportedly let off with temporary suspensions despite serious evidence of their alleged antisemitic views. The independent complaints process, which could have dealt with these cases more effectively and was promised last April, has still not been established.

We are unclear why Mr Starmer has not dealt with these cases as decisively as he did with Ms Long-Bailey. Clear consistent action is needed to support this morning’s rhetoric and demonstrate to the wider Jewish community that the Labour Party is once again a safe space for them.”


Link to full speech here